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TGIF Coupons - TGI Friday's CouponsTGIF coupons and gift cards are readily available today. You can find Friday’s coupons online quite easily, as well as TGI Friday’s gift cards. For example, there is a graphic on this very page for a Friday’s gift card!

The first T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant opened in New York City at the corner of First Avenue and 63rd Street in 1965,  quickly becoming the meeting place for single adults, with $1 million in revenues its first year. That first T.G.I. Friday’s menu was a chalkboard.  No doubt, the first TGIF coupons appeared then as well. In 1970, Memphis, Tennessee was the location for the second T.G.I. Friday’s.

T.G.I. Friday’s opened in Dallas in the spring of 1972. As in New York and Memphis, T.G.I. Friday’s took the city by storm. The Dallas restaurant had a record-setting $2 million in revenues its first year.

“Bar where the Singles Mingle (local swingles) hang out…Friday’s is the present phenomenon on the Dallas scene.”
Dallas Times Herald, April 25, 1972

“Friday’s in Old Town is one of the highest volume restaurants in Texas.”
Dallas Times Herald, October 19, 1972

T.G.I. Friday’s started the tradition of welcoming Friday in at midnight on Thursday night. Every Thursday night was like a New Year’s Eve party, with champagne, confetti and noisemakers.

“Thursdays are always the big deal at Friday’s, since that’s when the usually packed-anyway restaurant has its midnight gala with balloons and champagne.”
Dallas Times Herald, March 30, 1972

After dramatic success, it was decided to take the restaurant concept nationwide. And TGIF coupons took off.

“It all began modestly enough. An unmarried New York City perfume salesman named Alan Stillman decided that the coolest way to meet the stewardesses in his neighborhood would be to buy a broken down beer joint, jazz it up with Tiffany lamps and mod young waiters and christen it – with an eye toward attracting the career crowd – the T.G.I.F. (Thank God It’s Friday) crowd. Within one week the police had to ring Friday’s (as it quickly became known) with barricades to handle the nightly hordes of young singles. Hundreds of blatantly imitative emporiums soon opened their doors in scores of major cities – and an industry was born.”   from Newsweek, July 16, 1973

From there, TGI Friday’s has grown to over 300 restaurants internationally.  And the popularity of TGIF coupons has increased right along with the company’s growth.

How To Find TGIF Coupons

Finding TGIF coupons is often as simple as searching online or opening your mail.  Nearly every coupon mailer that I receive in the mail contains TGIF coupons, along with tons of other restaurant coupons.  I often find TGIF coupons online as well, even on the TGI Friday’s site from time to time.

You will also see QR codes on printed TGIF coupons that allow you to scan it with your smart phone.  This can be a very handy way to keep up with TGIF coupons when available.

If you keep on the look out, you should easily be able to find plenty of TGIF coupons around.